RWE Group

The project assignment was to resolve a critical problem in the RWE Call Center for the Czech Republic. The new RWE’s Call Centre team of 126 people was not functioning effectively. We were asked to help address this situation and come up with a solution to increase their performance.

Process of the Project

1. Diagnostic of the Call Center Group
Our diagnostic showed the primary causes for team‘s malfunction were:

  • Poor internal communication
  • Inadequate teamwork
  • Failure of middle management to provide leadership

2. Training
Our partner company dedicated to the implementation of the training program established the customized solutions devoted to the diagnosed and problematic areas.

3. Diagnostic (post hoc analysis)
Evaluations with our diagnostics showed improvements in the cooperation and communication areas across the whole group. The problem of inefficient middle management leadership continued, resulting in further actions.

4. Individual Diagnostics of Key Personnel
Due to the inefficient leadership of the middle management, we proceeded to evaluations of the individual profiles of key middle management personnel.

5. Training/Coaching of Key Personnel
It proved necessary to train and coach three people from middle management.
The testing identified deficiencies in their leadership skillset. At the end of the day, two individuals were trained and coached with positive results and unfortunately, one person had to be replaced.

6. Project Closure
The project was deemed successful and problematic areas were mitigated or eliminated.
Subsequently, the work efficiency of RWE’s Call Center increased approximately 20%.