CEZ Group

ČEZ Zákaznické služby, s.r.o. is part of the ČEZ group, which is the largest energy group in central and south-eastern Europe. The Customer Care division of ČEZ Zákaznické služby, s.r.o. provides services for retail customers, operates customer centers and the single call center service for the ČEZ group. The company’s call center handles all non-face-to-face contact with retail customers via telephone, fax, e-mail, letter and internet and serves over ten thousand customers every day. The company’s aims are to provide a full solution for customer’s needs on first contact, to ensure the professional behavior of its staff, team work and the continuous increases in the quality of services that it provides.

Project objective – Phase I
The objective was to identify weaknesses and potential risks in the management of the ČEZ Customer Center and to use the results to propose measures to improve processes, including personnel changes if necessary.

Project implementation – Phase I
Project implementation lasted from 07/2010 to 08/2010. 7 senior managers and 17 mid-level managers took part in the project.
A special test for employees of the ČEZ Customer Center was developed at a workshop and the Individual Profile was selected for all workers.
Testing took place at the same time in all workplaces and the test result was a profile of the management team including relations within the group and individual profiles of the mangers which gave the fullest possible analysis of their behavior, attitudes and other characteristics. These results provided all the information necessary for key personnel decisions.

Project results – Phase I
The information obtained was used to propose measures to change and increase the efficiency of work processes in management, communication between branches throughout the Czech Republic was simplified and necessary personnel changes were made in middle management.
After the successful implementation and fulfillment of the objectives of Phase I of the project, a second phase was planned and implemented on a significantly broader scale.

Project objective – Phase II
The aim of the project was to analyze the head office of the ČEZ Customer Center, its branches, regional groups and the Quality Support department, to compare them and to propose changes in processes and improvements in communication between the branches.

Project implementation – Phase II
The project was carried out in the period 09/2010 to 11/2010. The project involved 143 employees of the ČEZ Customer Center and testing took place simultaneously in different workplaces. The word module developed in Phase I of the project was used and Individual Profiles and Group Profiles were produced and discussed with senior managers.
The following workplaces participated in the project: The head office of the ČEZ Customer Center, CC PM II – central office for west region, central office for east region, central office for Morava region, central office for north region and the Quality Support department. The following analyses were carried out in each workplace:

Head office of the ČEZ Customer Center

  • Consultation with management on the individual profiles of selected employees and the group profile
  • Analysis of the branch office in Zábřeh and comparison with the branch in Plzeň.
  • Comparison of all six regions

CC PM II – Central office for west region

  • In-depth team analysis
  • Analysis of the profiles of selected employees
  • Analysis of the whole call center team
  • Overall team analysis for Plzeň including all organizational units

Central office for east region

  • Analysis of the profiles of selected employees

Central office for Morava region

  • Analysis of the profiles of selected employees

Central office for the north region

  • Consultation with management on the individual profiles of selected employees and the group profile

Quality Support department

  • Consultation regarding this group focused in particular on the perception of three key words – tutor, the tutor’s work and training by department and regions. A detailed description of their position in the Word Map, Word Schemes and Atmosphere of Relationships was provided together with recommendations for the future.

Project results – Phase II
The results of Phase II of the personnel analysis was a modification of work processes in the departments of the central office for the west region and Quality Support, improvements in relations between individual branch offices and a proposal to implement coaching for important workers. In a combined evaluation of the project, the company management expressed appreciation for the speed of the audit performed for the whole national territory, the minimal loss of working time and in particular its real contribution to increasing the effectiveness of the company’s services.